Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Gallery & Review: Swallow Me POV

 Another site that's also a part of BrainPass is Swallow Me POV. This site has about 40 scenes, and you get the same bonus sites as with Load My Mouth (see below). This site has more well known pornstars and less amateurs, however. The videos are well made, well lit, etc. They look very good. Only about half of the scenes were available as a 2000k "Full Length Download", which is their highest quality, which looks outstanding at full screen. The rest only have 700k as the highest resolution, which is decent, but gets a little fuzzy at full screen. You get full hardcore sex scenes with these ones, though, so the the scenes can last 20 to 40 minutes long. And they always swallow cum at the end. On it's own, it is a decent, but not amazing site. When you throw in all the free bonus sites with over 300 more cum swallowing movies, then it becomes amazing. That seems to be what a lot of adult companies are doing now, bundling all their smaller sites into one mega-sites, I guess to increase rebills. For whatever reason, it works for us. Because I remember the day when you would join a paysite and be lucky to get 40 videos like this has. Now 40 seems small, and like with this site, you can get thousands of movies when you join because you get full access to a whole network of sites. This is way better than 1998 when you pretty much got robbed from most pay sites. Now, you get more than you pay for. Honestly, 30 bucks to download hundreds of Gigs of movies? That is a really good deal. Anyone willing to spend some time downloading can really make out on these sites. So enjoy.

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Free Gallery & Review: Load My Mouth


You have probably seen this site advertised around if you have been looking or videos of women who swallow cum. This is one of the more popular sites so it deserves a review. The site has two major things going for it. First, you get an outrageous amount of bonus sites when you join. Load My Mouth is part of the BrainPass network, so you get all their sites when you join any one of them. Which, in this case, gets you over 40 sites totalling videos in the thousands. The other good thing is that this site has well over 200 different scenes on it. The videos are downloadable, and good quality. You get to see a lot of fresh faces, and there were some real amateurs mixed in with some of the pornstars I recognized. Some of the scenes had hardcore fucking, and some were just blow jobs. Obviously, all the women swallow at the end. So this is good. Lots of quantity and good quality. The only downlside, is that the scenes can get a little repetitive. They are mostly POV scenes, shot the same way each time, with the same male performer. And some of the amateur babes just don't seem totally into it and a little nervous and sometimes not a all psyched to be swallowing a load. But, most of the videos are good, and there are so many, that you are likely to find some babes that you think are hot.

And don't forget that BrainPass has 2 more sites devoted to eating jizz, Sperm Cocktail and Swallow Me POV, so you get over 300 scenes of babe taking it down, plus thousands more hardcore movies. All in all, one of the better deals online right now.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Now These Babes Swallow Cum

If you visited the free videos listed below, you will noticed they are pushing a cum swallow ing site called Swallow Me POV. The most important thing to know about this site is that it is part of a network of sites called BrainPass. This is a good thing. All the BrainPass sites are bundled together for one price of $29.95 - so when you join BrainPass, or any BrainPass site, you get all the sites included. There are no seperate memberships or anything, you just get billed for $29.95 and you get all the sites. So when you login into the members area, it's a big page that lists all the sites, plus a bunch of categories, and the latest updates. From what I gather, the company that runs BrainPass realized that by giving members all the sites, it increased the likelihood that they wood stay members longer, and actually giving away all the sites made them more money, so in a way, we lucked out. So now, we get a shitload of content instead of a tiny amount. And a small amount would be just what you get if all you got was Swallow Me POV. Because as of this writing it only has about 36 full length scenes. Now, that is not bad if you compare it to how much it would cost you to buy them on DVD, but less impressive compared to some of the huge sites out there. However, since it is a BrainPass site, you also get the site "Load My Mouth" included, and that has another 150 cum swallowing scenes on it. Now we are talking. And in the over 2000 xxx scenes in BrainPass, there is certainly more. However, there is no cum swallowing category, and now way to search for it. That really blows, because you know there are lots of videos, but it would take you a long time to go through all 2000 of them to find more! Doh! But, 180 easy ones is pretty good. And you get all the other sites so you can find all sorts of other types of movies. They have a few really awesome cumshot sites, like "Club Peter North" and "Cover My Face", and some good POV stuff, too. With over 40 different sites, there is a lot of variety.

The video quality is very good, with all sites having multiple video resolutions from 56k all the way to 2000k. Unfortunately, not every scenes has the awesome 2000k option available, so the best many of the scenes have is 700k/sec, which is ok at full screen, but nowhere near as nice at the reaally big one. And the 700k ones can only be downloaded as 5 minute clips, whereas the 2000k ones are full length. Oh well. At least all the latest updates have the 2000k option.

Overall, BrainPass is an awesome collection of sites, with a lot of variety and some nice looking dowloadable videos.

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Some Free Clips

First, let's get started with some free cum swallowing videos worth a look. This site has a nice collection of clips. Like all free sites, they are promoting some pay sites, and I will review them shortly so you can see whether they are worth joining. In fact, I will do one of them right now.

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Welcome to the New Blog

Allright folks, for those of you looking for some of the best sites where the babes always swallow cum at the end, I'll bring you some links to sites with free videos, pay sites which feature cum swallowing as a major part of their site, or even some of my favorite DVD's on the subject. The infomed surfer is the happy surfer, so I will share with you what information I have that may be helpful to you. Ok, let's get started.

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